Horror Host's

Horror Host's

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Hey, did any of you have any local horror hosts on tv in your areas back before cable tv took off?  Post the names of some, I would love to look them up, I grew up in Indiana and there was a great guy named Sammy Terry for years and years, 

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 Actually Sammy Terry is still kickin it at 79 years of age. His real name is Bob Carter, originally a native of Illinois, he moved to Indianapolis in the early 60s where he went to work at WTTV channel 4 on Bluff Rd, not too far from where I lived at one time. I grew up and loved watching Sammy so I had to chime in on this. Today, he still makes appearance's, mainly at horror cons that pass thru Indy. Heres a link to his site





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In Philadelphia, we had Dr. Shock for about 4 hours on Saturday afternoon.  He would show to B-Flick, do a little magic and make bad jokes about the bad movies.  We loved him here.  I even got his autograph at our church carnival one year.

He passed away in the late 1970's and there has never been a replacement.

He's fondly remembered by those who saw him.

Love to Bubbles, where ever you are.


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