Lots Of Laughs With "IT"

Lots Of Laughs With "IT"

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Does anyone else think that Stephen Kings "IT" was as hilarious as I found it to be?  Really, I never thought I'd ever laugh at a clown until I saw that movie.  "Beep, Beep". 

But then again Sid Haig played a pretty funny clown too.  Not sure which one I like better.  They should make a movie with both clowns.  But what would they call it??

ass-clown 2


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@balls_of_poop Agreed that the movie leaves much for the book to cover and that Tim Curry is the man. Like a good frontman to a great band; a killer actor can carry an ok film and make it last for generations. Look at Rocky Horror Picture Show; the story is ok...its Tim Curry that makes it a cult classic well, and the outfits. At least there aren't any clowns funny or otherwise.


Best part of the movie was the black and white photographs coming to life. And AGAIN, cause Pennywise was in it. The child actors were good too. It was the t.v. stars and the writers that dropped the ball.THEY DO. .FEAR THE CLOWN (ENLARGE/ACTION)

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images.jpgI love this movie, i think the funniest part that always gets me laughing is in the shower "Hey Wheezzy"pnny.jpg

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i could watch this movie over n over again and never get tired of laughin my ass off at that clown!!  ahh one of my favs!!

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have not seen this movie in a long time, glad i seen this blog, going to go watch it again, loved that movie when i first saw it

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book was awsome, and i enjoyed the movie and yes funny at times. classic

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The book was so awesome! I think Beverly's dad and Patrick Hockstteter managed to scare me more that the clown itself, still, the character was cool.

The movie was hilarious! Like so exaggerated, I loved that scene when the photographs moved, or those ballons in the library that exploded and were filled with blood ROFL man, those were good times!


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