Help I Have A Horror Addiction

Help I Have A Horror Addiction

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Is this where I get happy pills??? I'm addicted to Horror, tobacco and The Necronomicon.  What are you addicted to?

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Relax..this what the doctor ordered....Chill Pill.jpg

Mine is Sci-Fi Horror...COFFEE...Tobacco..did I say

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im addicted to horror, pro wrestling, books, getting over my comicbook addiction since they jacked the average title to 3.99$ a peice, ...... like Joe, im addicted to good coffee... im getting addicted to Simply Limeade,  ...oh, and swedish fish and halloween decorations

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I'm addicted to horror, coffee, monster energy drinks, cigarettes, and beer.



Im addicted to preparing for survival. Horror. Harleys. PEPSIGAWDDAMNCOLA, (which I would KILL anyone who denied me pepsipepsipepsi. . . uhhh, anyway) Knives, Guns, cigars, coffee.. . . . ok Im done. . . . and if you need a pill. . . . .



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haha,  your right there,  PEPSI is the STUFF!



   Coke =176px-Poison_Help.svg.png

RadRae's picture addicted to horror of course, without it i have some serious withdraw.


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Like you I'm a life-long horror addict.  Not a bad thing.  Keeps you from wanting to kill people in the real world but then again, probably other people might see that differently.Wink 

I've always been a book addict too especially with the particular text you mentioned.  Good to have a friend that understands the whole nether realm, raising the dead, ocean monster / space monster from beyond thing.  As for coke, ........stay away from that shit.  I hear that people have used it to clean rust off of cars.  I snorted a can of diet coke one day because I heard that a "coke diet" would help me lose weight. Anyways it really gave me a killer head-ache.  Pepsi is better.

Stephen King books, movies and book signings helped with the horror addiction and spooky horror weight loss thing.  I saw him at a book signing and the next day I lost a 100lbs.

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Thanks for the support guys and ghouls.  As for the Stephen King thing, I think he's afraid of me.  The happy pills are not working.  I mean how much is too much??  No netlix today (surprise), nothing on the brain candy tube (yet another another surprise).  ROARRRRRRR, EEEEeeek!!!   Must have MORE.

I think I screwed up today and accidently inhaled some of the re-agent.  Got the shakes so bad I can't read my incantation book and "the spirits of the dead who live in Cutha, land of the lost" are pissed.  Wondering if it's that or really horror withdrawl?

Just watched Legion the other morning and today some little old lady that lives across the street came over to invite me to church. It seems people are curious about the new neighbor.  Apparently she is interested in what I could be recieving in large packages and has always wondered about the origin of the strange lights and noises that come out of the basement at night.  I knew I should've stayed in Dunwich.  But anyways, while still in the pangs of withdrawl I swear to whatever, that she looked just like that creepy old lady in Legion.  Thought any minute she'd be sprouting baby teeth and crawling about on the ceiling. Hopefully she doesn't require my medical attention in the near future as having a Doc in the neighborhood is a reputation that seems to have proceeded me.

Urghhhhhh.  Being online didn't help with the horror withdrawl either.  Now I can't get assclowns out of my head or the thought of people making woman suits. Thanks Spooky. Great imagination but it only fueled my already deranged one.Frown

Now I'll be listening to Q. Lazzarus or the Hannibal soundtrack while whipping the demons into submission.


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Hell, You and I are so much alike it's scary. My biggest addiction is Pepsi. My nickname at work is Big Pepsi. Also strait edged weaponry, guns and I'm getting addicted to golf now.



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Happy pills! I need those!

I'm addicted to zombie movies (even the terri-bad ones), Marlboro 72 menthol shorts, Midori Sours, Sailor Jerry, Gears of War, Victoria's Secret perfume and Early British Literature. LOL.


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