A Vampire Tale : Poem - By Jike

A Vampire Tale : Poem - By Jike

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A Vampire Tale : Poem By Jike

The light of day burns upon my flesh
The smell of death upon my breath
Alone, foresaken, and judged an outcast
Lurking in the shadows like the night before last

Mistaken for monsters or horrid creatures
With mass appeal and charismatic features
Cold to the touch with a heart so black
When the sun sets, you watch your back

A breed of my own, alone i roam
In search of a welcoming place to call home
I wish to see the sun rise and set
Its the one thing i must now forget

Skin so white and pale
Thought id tell you of my life long tale
One day we will reign, and all will hail
Our time will come, unlike humans we will not fail
~ Jike ~

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The end sounds epic and victorious, I'd be on the vampires side if they tried to rule the world

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Nice poem, Jike. I like the traditional feel to the description of a vampire.

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