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Elvira's Movie Macabre returns this Fall! Who's excited? I know I am.

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Yeah thats great love to see her come back a big blast from the past!! I wish the horror hosts would come back !! Like on monster vision.. Or Gilbert Godfrey on USA up all nite!!


Wonder what ever happened to JOE BOB BRIGGS ?

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Very excited bout Elvira coming back.  She is classic.

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i LOVE her.....there's nothing more humorous than a person who can laugh at themselves....i think she's hilarious and awesome.  glad to hear she's comin back!

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I would love to see Elvira come back! She was great, specially since I was going thro the "change" when she was on tv before lol...as for joebob briggs...he has his own site www.joebobbriggs.com doing prettymuch the same as before...reviewing drive-in fliksand has been in a few recent flims




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SHe is very funny and talented, I'm glad she'll be back doing what she's famous for (well that personality isn't all she famous for). I wish there were more horror hosts on TV, most have gone to the internet. Count Gore De Vol is alive and well (Well the alive part is debatable) online every week. http://countgore.com/gore/index.html

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Anybody here a model builder? Moebius Models will be producing an Elvira model kit later this year or early next... Laughing

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