Nightmares Have Brittle Nails

Nightmares Have Brittle Nails

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Dimming sunset taunts dilated eyes.  Brittle, bitten nails splinter while gasping for a blanket of stars.  
Tongue slithering across scabbed lips.  
Please, just a taste?
Oh, but the darkness does not want you.

Disfigured reality unraveling ink-stained lies.  Nightmares of light too bright for the corner of cage.
Fists beating against iron bars.
Please, let me in?
Oh, but the light can't stand to see you.

Mental screams tearing through veins.  Helpless hands reach from the crippled wrists of suicide.
Teeth grinding between sawed-off sobs.
Please, won't you help me?
Oh, but you cannot even help yourself.

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Interesting.  I think the last part was more disturbing then the part that talks about the light nor darkness allowing enterence and the imprisoned nature of the subject.  Good poem.

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