Adventure Time

Adventure Time

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I know, I know, some of you are thinking, "What the hell does Adventure Time have ANYTHING to do with fear??" but alas, here's my reason for posting it HERE!What if Finn was like, this little kid who was put in a looney bin at 12 because his dad dropped acid on him when he was little and Jake was his imaginary friend, so they go on all these crazy adventures? And the vampire in the episode 'Evicted' was a crazy, violent girl who cut herself and forced Finn out of his own bedroom cell thingy?

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Dont even know what ADVENTURE TIME is, lol.

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I went on a mythacle adventure once, then I woke up with a hangover and puked

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@Hell Raiser

Adventure time is a New Cartoon on cartoon network, it's not bad as far as cartoons go, it's pretty spastic and unpredictable though....


And as for the original post... that is a pretty active imagination you have there....

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