On Buried Alive

On Buried Alive

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 I just wanted to say that while I discovered and watched this quite a while ago (and after the ARG was over and the series was concluded) it stuck in my mind pretty well, and I consider it the best thing Fear.net did, being fairly interesting even after the game portion was concluded.

 To be honest I still remember griping about a lot of the videos not working, and checking periodically to see if they were fixed until I got them all to run, and honestly if it wasn't for this series I probably wouldn't still check on Fear.Net much at all.

 I guess the point of writing this is that this bit was fun, it I enjoyed it and Fear Clinic (I mean you can't go wrong with getting the actors behind Freddy and Jason together in a movie for pure nerd-appeal), however I personally haven't much cared for many of Fear Net's other original creations. I for example couldn't much get into STREAM and things like "Devil's Trade" were just too short to really be entertaining since I felt like I spent more time watching the intro than the actual story (and to be honest, I probably did when I tried to watch it... I never got through it).

 Just some very belated fan feedback since I notice there is still a forum for this up.

 Also while it was posted 3 years ago I do tend to agree with the guy who pointed out that Sage's actress was hot. She definatly deserves to be eye candy in more horror movies.  :P 









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I know wherer your going with this xD I was so upset when Buried Alive was over and i was really hoping that they would make another series on Buried Alive...well still hoping :) hehe.. and as for fear clinic they stopped like midway as it was getting good waaaah :(((haha hopefully they bring it back >.<" or continue the series... i like the movies more than anything..but thats just me being a horror movie freak xD but if you've seen Fear Itself, THATS a good collection of short movies/long shows.. although some of them can be a little bit boring at first.... find a good one! haha xP but anyway yeah late responce lol but bye!


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