Early Halloween Thoughts

Early Halloween Thoughts

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Ok, every Halloween I try to do something freaky with the occult.  The last couple of years have been fun and I remember reading some blogs about the creepiest urban legends that people are afraid to try.  Calling something in the mirror was just one very popular choice.

I live in the city so sneaking into a cemetery is not easily able to be done without undo attention or getting arrested but I have no qualms about conjure work and have practiced a couple of times with trying to call something in the mirror. No real visible results though.

If you were on a Halloween dare, what would you try to call in the mirror that WOULD / MIGHT actually produce results? Who would you call in the mirror?

 The scarier the better is my thoughts on this because it provides the much needed energy to make things work.  Feeling fear is better then not feeling at all, when it comes to this sort of thing. And no I'm not going to call "bloody mary" or "bathory" because I don't like women to begin with. Candyman isn't real either or at least he won't show. The not wanting to call women thing though, has little to do with fear and more to do with communication skills, if I could get this shit to work once.  I guess I'm a chauvanist pig but oh, well.

There are plenty of scary dudes, angels / demons / entities and dead people; alike so if you could pick one that was probably pretty vicious enough to still be lurking around...........who would he be?

Anyone else trying this on for Halloween thrills and chills?

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True, very theatrical and creative in positive ways.


What I love about Halloween isnt just the night itself. Its the time of year. The Autumn leaves, the beauty, the melancholy, the scent in the air, the clean winds, the clear nights. Its a beautiful time of the year, like spring.

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I totally agree. Halloween is just the icing on that cake.


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