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The Kult

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Hi, I'm jumping right in here to give a shout out to The Kult. It's an independent production that starts shooting in September. It's a serial killer story in the vein of Saw and Se7en that's based on my novel of the same name, The Kult.

While the book is set in the UK, filming is taking place in the US. I hope to be flying out for some of the shoot, which I'm really excited about.

The book synopsis is:

People are predictable. That's what makes them easy to kill.

Acting out of misguided loyalty to his friends, police officer Prosper Snow is goaded into helping them perform a copycat killing, but when the real killer comes after him, it’s not only his life on the line, but his family's too.

For more info on the film:

And if you've got nothing better to do, you can find out about the book and me here: 


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Shooting starts in a couple of weeks, and there's now a spangly website with video interviews with some of the cast (more still to be added) and lots of other things like samples of the intro theme etc.

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Looks interesting keep us posted!

People are very perdictable

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Two bands that will feature on the soundtrack are 'Dead Man's Grill' and 'Descendants of Adam'.

The tracks that are going to be used can be heard online here for anyone interested: the track 'Blood in the River' the track 'Double Life'

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The trailer for the film based on my novel has now appeared online.


The premise of the movie is pretty good. Good luck. Will wait for it.

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Thanks :)

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