Can anyone tell me the name of this movie?

Can anyone tell me the name of this movie?

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I saw this movie at the Aero Theater's Dusk Till Dawn Horrorthon a few years ago. They started off the night with the origional Night of the Living Dead, followed by Reanimator, and then a buch of films I'd never heard of.

Most of these were pretty campy craptastic old horrow films, and this one wasn't precisely an exception.


It started off with the typical husband wife and 2 kids move into a haunted house. The kids voices were very badly dubbed for some reason, even though they appered to be speaking English. My friend suggested they may have had heavy accents.


Crappy though it may have been, it had one sceen in it that may be the scariest thing I've ever watched.


The little boy gets himself locked in the creepy basement. Mom and Dad can't open the door, and he's stopped making nosie on the other side, so they're completly flipping out. Just then, some unseen creppy man with big hands presses the boys face flat against the basement door, covering his mouth to keep him from screaming. At the same time, Dad decides to break down the door with a axe, swing the blade unknowingly millimeters from his son's face.


Does this sound familiar to anyone? I cannot for the life of me remember the title!


It also featured a creepy minaquin, that truned into a creepy babysitter.

And some cute topless girl getting the axe within the first 3 minutes.

But, then again, what horror movie doesn't?

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I'm pretty sure that's Lucio Fulci's House by the Cemetery.

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It sounds like Lucio Fulci "House by the Cemetary"

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