How Many Think They Might Be Seeing The Last Exorcism on Opening Night?

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How Many Think They Might Be Seeing The Last Exorcism on Opening Night?

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I'd really like to see The Last Exorcism on opeing night.  Is anyone else excited about this one? High hopes for it?

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I will see this opening night, mostly because my itching for a theatre movie is really growing!   There has been a huge dry spell lately!!   I havent seen a movie in the theatre since I saw Legion, The Wolfman, and The Crazies, three straight weeks in a row.... Since then there has been nothing too interesting to me, except for Predators which I missed, but still have a chance for....... I am not sure if the Last Exorcism is based on an actual case or not....   Survival of the Dead never screened here, so I havent gone to the theatre in a while!  (except for going just to play Galaga on the Arcade),   hope to see The Last Exorcism, and Piranha opening night...... Popcorn,   Cherry Coke,  Gummy Worms...and hopefully fun movies!!!

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no wheels blows a big one..and trying to get someone around here to take me even blows a bigger one..I will see it..


I have a feeling this movie wont be any good. They are plastering their commercials EVERYWHERE as if to make up for a REALLY bad movie. I have a feeling the best scenes are in the trailer so I will pass.

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@ HF, never seen a commercial for it...weird.   @ anyone else, you do own a DVD player , yeah? Why spend the money when you can watch at home for a fraction of the price in the all together if you want? Just an example, but why pay the price? Unless of course, you don't have a bomb setup like me, lol.

TV through stereo:) Works, and it's cheap.

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I hate to say it but every time I see that photo of the girl bent over backwards it reminds me of that movie a few years ago Exorcism of Emily Rose. That pose seems really familiar and I think they used that same pose or one really similar in that movie. It makes me wonder if this is just a 'reboot' of that same movie.

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Finally saw the commercial. You know what made me think it might not be so great tonight? The in cinema crowd shots. They did that with PA and, well we know how that one went.


I hope it's not a cycle, cause the commercials look awesome.

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how was it...anyone??

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I think i will...but a girl doin a back bend.. doesnt scare me.. i can do that lol comes in handy lol .. anyhow.. i think it looks kinda good .. so you can count me on goin out n seeing it at the alamo drafthouse!!  BEER ME!!

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Everything I've heard from people that have seen it is bad. Not that the movie sucks so much, but that the best parts are in the commercials. Which is usually the case.

Just took it off my queue.

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Guess ill watch for free soon as i hunt it up


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