American Psycho-The Novel

American Psycho-The Novel

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My favorite books are Geralds Game by Stephan King and American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis. American psycho is by far the most horrorfying book i have ever read and it was turned into an extremely dissapointing film. Has anyone read it? Has anyone seen the movie? What are your thoughts, feelings, and opinions?

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If they had done it proper like the book, it would have been rated x or banned. I dont believe they could have shown a live woman having a car battery connected to her nips etc. Very HEAVY book with a lot of boring moments meant to show you the insanity of the main character. Via his enviousness, his nit picking, his attention to detail, his detachment and fixations. Still in all, an interesting read.


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I haven't had the pleasure of reading the book but i did see the movie.....SUCKED MASSIVELY!!!  as great of an actor the bale is, and as arrogant and self-righteous the character or patrick is, he did it justice but thought the movie was so weak over all.  big time disappointment

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Read the book years ago; saw the movie shortly after.  I pride myself on loving to read and reading anything, but that one was a rough go.  It wasn't bad, by any means.  Excellently written, delving into the day to day mental ramblings of a psychopath, which means I should probably be comforted by the fact that I didn't feel all "at home" while I was reading it.

I didn't mind the movie, but I guess they really were two different animals. The movie had so much less to work with because of the amount of inner dialogue that there was in the book.  That's a tough thing to get across on film without having a constant annoying voice-over, but they did probably about the best that they could.

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Great book. Perfectly captured the "me" generation and all the greed exhibited there in. I loved the end and finding out it was all some limp-dicked little insecure psycho's fantasy.

I enjoyed the movie. I thought they did what they could with it.

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