DEAD BEAT by Remy Porter KINDLE: $4.99 on Amazon!

DEAD BEAT by Remy Porter KINDLE: $4.99 on Amazon!

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If you're here to just sell your book you'll be flagged as a spammer. Sorry!

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Don't worry, I'll join in some other stuff too :)

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'dont worry i will join in some other stuff aswell '

well fookin go on then remy put your money where your mouth is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhYell

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Carp, mate...put your money where your mouth is?  Do you mean something like this..

It taste's like chicken!

Actually...I do have a link on my profile page where my e-book Mindful Lies can be directly downloaded to a person's PC for $5...

But I've posted Mindful Lies here in the Community Blogs section for my FEARnet family for free...hoping just to get the word out to others in case you guys like it.  Then you can direct them to my link to get the book.  But that's just me.

johbai rocks on

Rock on my fellow FEARnutters!!!!!

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I think this guy should take a leaf out of your book!!!!lol

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Sure...why not..after all; I'm showing it to yall for gratis...that's free.  Just don't plagarize...

Nope...I ain't going!

that wouldn't be a very nice thing to do.  Besides...

Nuff said!!

then I'd have to send my Literary Agency after you...

The prolific johbai at work

not to mention their crack team of lawyers.

Reading at a Paris Hilton level

Peace out yall...And remember, reading is fundamental.  Or RIF; for my fellow 70's generation.

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Stop monkeying about!

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Dead Beat is now a bargin at Amazon Kindle - 99c in the USA and 0.70p in the UK. It's a steal;

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