War Wounds

War Wounds

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Thunder boomed in the distance as the rain slammed into the diner window Amy was sitting next to. Looking out at the wet blackness surrounding the building she reaches into her purse and feels the cold metal of the loaded .38 special, easing the anxious knot in her stomach. The waitress walks over to ask if everything is OK. "Yes. Everything is fine." Amy says, not even bothering to turn to look at the other woman prefering to look out the window instead. The waitress walks away leaving Amy alone once again.

It was a long road that brought Amy to this point. A long pain filled road. She had spent the better part of twenty years as a social worker, seeing the horrendous things human beings are capable of. The final straw was when Amy became involved in a case involving a woman whos son died in his crib, the mother not knowing, and rats ate him. They ate him. The worst part is that it wasn't even the smell that alerted the mother, it was a surprise home visit by Amy. There had been other horrible events, too many really.
Thinking of this Amy's heart rate begins to quicken, her palms beginning to sweat. Again, Amy reaches in her bag and strokes the handle of the pistol, calming her once again. Amy looks at the clock on the wall above the cash register, five minutes to midnight. It will all be over soon, she's just got to hang on a little longer.

Amy motions to the waitress for her check as she takes a final sip of coffee. walking out into the wet parking lot she lights a cigarette, the smoke filling her lungs and calming her. Getting into the fifteen year old rust dotted red volvo hatchback her ex-husband bought her as an anniversary present she checks the clock on the radio, one minute to midnight. Cracking a smile Amy pulls the gun from her purse, Ted had pushed her into buying it all those years ago for protection, and she had never once had to use it or even consider using it, but today it will serve a purpose. Amy slides her fingers tightly around the black handle, holding the bright silver muzzle with her other hand. Taking a deep breath Amy inserts the gun into her mouth, angled slightly. The clock strikes twelve, Amy releases her breath and pulls the trigger.

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Ah, a confusing cliffhanger. You don't know for sure if she killer herself or not. I like the ending very much, it adds to the suspense of the idea.

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