Jason crap

Jason crap

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I was just watching the Friday the 13th remake. I know it sucks, but I appreciate it more after finally watching Rob Zombies Halloween 2 and knowing they fucked up with this movie big time, but it wasnt THAT bad. The main problem I had with it is the scene where the douche looking for his sister and some other bitch find Jason's cabin. They hear his ass coming and hide. Heres the thing that bothered me. Most of the really dynamic kills in the Friday the 13th series involved people trying to hide, so therefore a charecteristic that I thought Jason always had was the ability to always know where a person is for some unexplained reason, and fucking kill them. Watch that scene, seriously, he's looking for them and they are hiding behind some tree a reasonable distance away. They totally had the drop on him and could have fucking grabbed a stick and broke that mask through the back of his head. My point being, Why do these rich assholes think its okay to take something I loved and grew up with and destroy it? Thats some mo' bullshit.

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Haha, someone else has had their precious childhood raped. I will be the first to admit that the classics are just those, classics. The problem is trying to get something going that will be as good as or better than the original. Horror fans are like Science Fiction fans, you do not mess with what we love or you are going to die a horrible death with unspeakable things that cannot be mentioned in here. Sadly, they have to start somewhere. It is extremely hard to come up with anything new because it has all been done before. There is very little wiggle room to try anything new because it will always be compared to the masters. So what is the best option, try to bring those classics into the modern world. You pretty much have to forget the original and see it all with new eyes and no expectations from the original. Those are getting so dated now that the majority of the fans were not even alive when they first came out, now imagine what it was like when your parents watched the same type of movies.


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its all about productivity and money making, and to make those yuppie mother fuckers think there true horror fans and now they have something to talk about as if theve known about the trilogy all their life.



aaaaaaaaaaand im drunk hhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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The main thing i disliked about it was Jason kidnapping! WTF!?

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