trying to post a blog, joining groups

trying to post a blog, joining groups

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Ok, feeling really stupid at the moment but I have tried to post a blog on my profile but it will just not upload. I have tried a couple of times and the screen just sits there. I also have not been able to get the option to join groups. I can pull the view screen but there is nothing there with the option to join. I did get the option on a few but nothing since. Maybe I have contracted a deadly virus that blocks me from getting beyond the forum, hehe. Just curious to see if I am missing something.

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Check your pc security. You may have adblockers set to high. You should disable them on the FEAR, theres not any crap here thats a problem. Also if you use FIREFOX, it doesnt allow you to do certain things like flag telemarketers or remove pictures, etc. So you have to switch to INTERNET EXPLORER just to do those things. To post a BLOG you simply hit ADD BLOG on your profile page that shows activities. Should be to the left side of the page. To ADD any info to your PROFILE PAGE you have to hit EDIT PROFILE. Good luck.


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I am using Chrome here and that might be what is causing the issue. I guess I will work around it and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the info.

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What browser you use shouldn't interfere with anything here. This site has it's ups and downs server wise.

Comcast apparently doesn't give a crap about it's horror forum posters, so the site goes from fast as hell one day to slow as hell another.

Let it do it's thing if it hangs, it will eventually get there. I posted a pic the other night that took almost 5 minutes to go through. So, I think it's happening, just slowly on your blogs.


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