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Well, I'm not really sure if this was good, cause I couldn't understand half of what was going on.

It's about a security gaurd who discovers evil spirits within the mirrors. Basic I guess.

I'd say most people on this website are into most anything scary, but not me and this was way to gross and gory for me, so if your not into that this isn't for you.

I'm going to be honest, this wasn't very good, and the end made no sense what-so ever!

I'd only recommend this movie if you have a long attention span[Again, Unlike me].

PS: If you like to look in the mirror a lot, don't watch.

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I enjoyed it but it wasnt anything great. I liked the ending more than the movie. A few of my friends LOVED this flick so there IS and audience for it. I just expected . . . . more? But not a bad watch. Just my opinion.

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I watched it 3 times so I clould see the whole movie..maybe your right about attention span..or maybe the fact I started watching it at 2 am..the first two times...and woke up after it had finished..well the third time was in broad day light and I was awake..I should have watched it again at 2am...

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It was ok, like HF said, not great either. The story was a bit all over the place too. I won't be making a point of watching it again, but the last 1/4 of the movie was pretty entertaining.

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I thought I was watching 24! Naw really its a pretty good flick directed by Alexandre Aja but the original asian version is better. The best scene takes place in the bath tub its a real jaw openner.

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Wasn't a bad movie, I liked the gore and grossness.  I wouldn't go out of my way to watch this again, but if there's nothing else on; I'd give it a whirl.

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Just because you dont understand it dosent mean it dosent make sence, and gore is what made the horror industry thrive. would the shining be the same without all that gore.....no. without gore there would be no "The Hills Run Red." the hills would run with nothing. on my oppinion the movie was great and i loved the ending.


-Logan krEeps

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mirrors was really good, but mirrors 2 was not as good to me

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mirrors is ok .............. but remember it is a loose remake of into the mirror! fuck sake people need to pay atention!

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Mirrors was a good watch, I enjoyed the movie and the ending. Didn't care for Mirrors 2, just wasn't for me at all.

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