What was your favorite movie soundtrack?

What was your favorite movie soundtrack?

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There is this movie May (Fearnet on demand) and the soundtrack included one of my favorite bands ever, The Breeders. That would probably be in my top favorite soundtracks.


What are some of yours?

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When i was younger i loved the Lost Boys soundtrack, its still good but at that time i couldn't think of anything more badass. Hellraiser 3 had an amazing soundtrack also.

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well my favorite of all time soundtracks will always be from American Grafitti...but the next one is from Maxium Overdrive...

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As far as horror films, I always liked the theme from The Exorcist. Not a soundtrack so to speak, but the Tubular Bells song fit perfectly.

I also liked the songs from the first Return Of The Living Dead, lol. Nothing screams zombie slaughter more than "Do Ya Wanna Party?", lol

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I still love 'Rocky Horror'. There are several other regular movies that I really like soundtracks for. Punisher War Zone, Maximum Overdrive, Footloose. Good mix of stuff.

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The soundtrack to a french movie called "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain". Oldboy has a great soundtrack also. The Matrix has Clubbed to Death so it deserves a mention.

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Repo! The Genetic Opera

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Hey! I liked 'House Of 1000 Corpses', because it was mostly Rob Zombie music! 'The Devil's Rejects', has a good soundtrack. 'Trailer Park Of Terror' kicks ass, if you like "Rock-A-Billy"! 'Dead And Breakfast', (Zach Selwyn) Kicks ass, too! Many more, right now, these are my faves!    Later!      Kaboom

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I agree with Joe and kaveman. Maximum Overdrive has a kick ass sound track and nothing beats a good zombie slaughter than Do ya wanna party. There's a song called Down with the sickness that went nice with a zombie movie too.

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The soundtrack (or theme I guess?) from the very 1st Friday the 13th is still incredibly suspenseful to me, even after 10 years or so after seeing it for the 1st time. Nekromantik's theme is another really good one. Very very creepy sounding and it fits the movie perfectly. Come to think of it just about any horror movie with a classical or orchestral soundtrack automatically gains my approval

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Hey! 'Down With The Sickness', (Disturbed), ending credits for the 'Dawn Of The Dead' remake. Killer Tune!           Later!           Kaboom


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