What are you afraid of be honest

What are you afraid of be honest

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I'm thinking about making  a haunted house but i gotta get ideas of what people are afraid of

give me some ideas please

would it be illegal to fake a hostage situation to scare the crap out of people, even though there are not in any realy danger?

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errrrrrr.... crazy people like YOU !!!



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glad you thought it funny , which means you have a sense of humour , which means young lady that you have passed the test, which means that we will get along jus fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggggggggh!!!!1peace!!!

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I got to say...that was a tad awkward....but funny in it's own right. O_o

anyways, i listed my phobias and fears on another topic here, but hey...if it's for a good cause :D :

Bugs (mostly cockroaches)

Dolls (porcelain ones)

Clowns (self explanatory)

Creepy kids singing creepy things (1,2 Freddy's coming for you)

Claustrophobia (fear of tight spaces)

Acrophobia (fear of heights)

Needles (Hypodermic ones)

Mirrors (I've seen one too many horror movies, were something fucked up has happened while staring at a mirror)

Any of this give you some ideas? i hope so :P

(oh, and i don't think it's illegal, but you may want to get guests to sign liability wavers.)

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the thought of a gremlin representing or verry similar to richard simmons, then having that gremlin sweat to the oldies. DONT LET IT GET WET!!!

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No monsters or bugs or anything like that. People scare me most. The fact that you can work side by side with someone for years, and have them one day snap and come to work with a gun just shooting.

Or, they kidnap and torture you.

Thats what scares me. How well do you know that fella over there? Could he snap? I read about it all the time.

I watch people closely, not to the point thet it disrupts my life, but I watch.

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I don't worry about people. I would say that the mind would really freak people out more than the usual stuff. Sounds with flashes of visuals make things work on the mind. One of the most horrifying sounds is the sound of a chainsaw indoors. Just doing some quick strobes with flashes of the classic T.C.M. and you will have people wetting themselves trying to get out of the room. Imagine the set up, walking into a lit butcher style room all white, flash to black, strobe with chainsaw and you have guaranteed screams. I loved coming up with room ideas as a kid.

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