What songs would you want played at your funeral?

What songs would you want played at your funeral?

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Ok, just taking a step into the bizarre. If you could plan it out your funeral, what music and songs would you want played for you own funeral? Anything you would want, you get. What are they going to do, argue. For me it would be 'Going Home' from Rocky Horror,

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ok first of all if i could plan my funeral i'd have blank book for people to write random shit in, no bs like oh i'll miss u, i won't care i'm dead...........for example," i swear ta nigga i taw a putty tat!" or maybe " oh by gammit thats a vagina monster!" i mostly wouldn't care as long as it's hip-hop and u can hear the beats bumpin from blocks away,its all good!!!!......my book would say " if ur crying while ur writing in this book, put the pen down, u all kno i hate whiny bitches!!! i don't believe in an afterlife i believe we stay here or whatever so remember bitches, i'll be watching! DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!! wait, no damn line dances, except the cupid shuffle and follow the leader oh and the cha cha slide. y u ask? cuz its my fuckin funeral and i CAN!

that said there r only 2 songs  i insist be played and theyr the only 2 slow songs allowed to be played and idk what guys will show up, but both songs r for kerry, so don't get excited lol kidding about the excited part

Lee Carr;breathe...and paint me a birmingham. and nope i wont explain myself. at my funeral dance and laugh then have a reception in my honor in an abandoned building at night!!!! RAVE TO THE GRAVE!!!!!!

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Stairway to heaven 

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Comfortably Numb

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I might go with Pink Floyd's "Shine on you Crazy diamond" Only because by that time i'll probably be just as crazy as Syd Barrett.   

But i would honestly want to go with Skynyrd's Freebird. I know its very played out but hay, its my funeral.  

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It's hard to choose but I would go with Amebix - the Darkest Hour. That song is so atmospheric and powerful

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Hey! Told my daughters about this forum. Both are on this site. (Kaboomspawn, and Imafingdelight) Both told me that Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells, Part 1' (The Theme From 'The Exorcict') , Would be good background music! WTF!!!lol          Later!      Kaboom

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lol you stole mine...i was gonna say goin home from rocky horror too! hmm..probably freebird too :D

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"and when i die" blood sweat and tears

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"and when i die" blood sweat and tears

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"while my guitar gently weeps" by Jake Shimabakuru on the ukulele.


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