Halloween Haunted House

Halloween Haunted House

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For those in the NYC are check out this website. nychalloweenhauntedhouse.com This is what a haunted house should be: 18+, signed waiver, full contact, and you have to go through it alone!

Sorry couldn't figure out how to link site.


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DAMNIT......I wish I lived remotely close by......

I'd go & drag Mad along with me...O Mad baby...pick me up & let's go!!

Sounds like the ultimite scare experience!



Supposed to be the best on the east coast. They do warn you that if you are claustrophobic not to go which is why I havent. Gets VERY violent when it hits me.


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I'm on my way lol....does sound like a good time....but going thro alone? It's always better with a sexy woman at your side...to grab you and jump into your arm....mmmm thats the good stuff!


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There was a placce in FL that sounded a lot like this. Skull Kingdom and it was over the top as far as haunted attractions go:




The one your describing sounds great. Wish I could make it out there.

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That looks to be soo cool. We have nothing here at all anymore for a decent haunted house. I am in the midwest and it is just a little thing put together for the kids and is more of people jumping out and yelling BOO at you here. You have to just suppress a laugh when you go through it. I guess it is for all ages and it is all high school kids volunteering so you have to work with what you have.

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