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Anyone seen it?  I thought it was great.  Finally, a woman can use her body to get back at the a**holes that use us women. I recommended it to my family.  They said it was disturbing, I totally agree, but it was an entertaining film.  I wonder if there's such a thing, but glad I don't have that predictament!!!!!!!!!!!

I really can't say alot about the movie cause it will give everything away.  But just imagine where her extra set of teeth are at! 

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In my opinion. Castration creates a cold, calculating, revenge machine. Your better off executing or youre gonna look over your shoulder for a long time. Many a murderer/monster was created by a person not being able to engage in normal sexual activity.

That being said, so if she worked for Bill Clinton who was famous for . . . . . . ahem. . . dipping cigars. . . . . . . she could have clipped the ends TOO ! TRES USEFUL. . .

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lol i like the bill clinton analogy. I thought the movie is entertaining a lil hard to watch at times lol but it was definately good because the director had the balls to make the movie.

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That movie was awesome.  I'm not sure what the rating system was on that (whether it was R, or PG13) but it did have the PG 13 feel to it and was still very good!

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Heven't seen it yet, but it's now on the list.

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