House of The Devil

House of The Devil

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This movie was ok.  It takes place in the 80's(gotta love it).  It's supposedly a true story and unexplained events.  It creeped me out a bit.  Of course, the ending left you hanging; but it was alright.  Give it a look see.

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I liked this movie. Not too much blood and gore, but it did pick up greatly in the end.

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wack,wack, wack, wack, wack! Yell


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I hated this movie!


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great movie


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i loved it ......... very 70's but this is my type of film

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I loved that movie! The opening sequence, the titles, music, everything brought back allot memories of VHS days, they even released a special edition in the old oversized clamshell case. The movie its self i thought was pretty creepy, brought to mind all those stories used to be around about missing people, and cults, and pictures on the milk cartons. That one scene where the freind gets attacked in the car, that was just brutal. I wondered where the hell they got those old Coke cups in the pizza parlor! Somehow, I think pizza and coke were better back in the 80s, haha, at least we still got the movies, and some newer ones arent bad either!



Sorry to say this flick bored the crap outta me and I forgot it immediately. To each his own.

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