What horror movie music do you like?

What horror movie music do you like?

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My online radio station is in horror mode, so I'm adding music & songs from horror movies. I have some classics, but I need more ideas. What's your favorite music and/or song from a horror movie?

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This is a tough one because I never really pay attention to the background music on a horror movie. You do have some of the usual classics like Dokken's Dream Warriors soundtrack from the Nightmare movie. I was alway partial to the Trick or Treat soundtrack. The other good one was that number from the Night of the Living Dead, where they are in the cemetery and there is the one skeleton that comes up to the song singing 'Do You Wanna Paarrtyyy!' I did not stick around for the credits to see what the song was.

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I always did like Tubular bells by Mike Oldfield

The Boogie Man by John Carpenter

Tocata and Fuge D minor

Lullaby from Rosemarys' baby is kinda creepy

Behold the Darkness-Medwyn Goodall

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there is a horror movie,i believe called pig hunt,the music is done by les claypool of primus,great stuff!

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Yeah Les Claypool is the shizz! best Bass player ever!



THE MONSTER CLUB has about 6 full length songs. One, THE STRIPPER, I have here on the video section. Just search STRIPPER.

I dont know about for radio but the most chilling theme music is from Lucio Fulcis ZOMBI.

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Lost Boys had great music,I know it has alot of 80s cheese in there , but great with the film.                    A movie called Supiria, one of the most underated horror movies of all time,great horror music,check it out.Funhouse,Rosemarys Baby. I actually love the classic rock in horror movies like Devils Rejects,Texas Chainsaw  Massacre the Begining.                                                                                                                               

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Some great suggestions here, thanks everybody. I'll be updating the station every Friday - here's the link if you want to check it out:




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