Take a pass on this one...."Tony"

Take a pass on this one...."Tony"

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Ok, I rented this movie because it had good reviews for an English flick and it's apparently about some serial killer that looks like Napoleon Dynamite's brother.  This film = lame as Hell.  Two hours and nothing funny or scary happens.  Sure, dude strangles a few people but none of it seemed entertaining, mystifying, well plotted or well thought out. Not scary at all.

 Not sure if it was based on a true story but in any case it was just plain boring.  To think I wasted my time even remotely hoping it had a redeeming feature for those two hours, waiting and waiting for something cool to happen....... just makes me pissed. 

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Thats how I felt watching paranormal craptivity.

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Your not the only one who thought this was boring. What a waste of time.  To Hellfighters dismay Paranormal activity has a part 2 being released soon. Don't think i'll waste my time on it either.


Yeah, I heard about Craptivity 2. They are even trying the same advertising gimmick they did on the first one claiming its so scary theaters dont want to show it and asking you to demand they show it and showing "screenings" of audiences who look like they would be scared of an angry chicken. Manipulative, con artist buttwipes.CAUSE ITS SHIT

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I started watching this heap of poo at 2pm not a 2 am fall asleep at the pc kinda movie..it just plain sucked..I didn't wait for it to get over 30 minutes and I went surfing for something else to watch..I had that not so fresh feeling form that one..dam..

I got roped into watching PA #1..by a good roper..by the way I friggin threw her rope away after watching PA..never again..

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