Frozen ( Review)

Frozen ( Review)

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Film by Adam Green(Hatchet)                   An amazing perception on how people change in times of desperate measures in near death experiance,and the strengths of what it takes to survive.Three college students snowboarding,and an unfortunate accident leaves them stranded on ski lift for a period of time in Desolate cnditions,with NO HELP. This film keeps your total attention througout,with over the top acting. This is for the TRUE Horror fan!One of 2010s best.For an Indie film it is better than most Mainstream movies! ****stars.GRIPPING!!

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It didn't have much of a script, but I must say I rather enjoyed it. SPOILER ALERT! It's their own stupid fault for getting stuck on the ski lift. Bribing the operater at closing time with a storm coming in wasn't to bright. I did enjoy the cameo of Kane Hodder aka Jason vorhees lol. Good graphics on the broken bones of the jumper.

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I thought it was a pretty decent movie, didn't seem to drag on forever like some movies do. I didn't care much for the ending, but I'm kind of picky about movie endings. I don't complain though, making a movie is hard work!


It kept the attention but not good enough for the theaters. Question. Why not use the SKI POLE to hook over the cable, bring your legs up and just shimmy to the ladder? Cause then it wouldnt be a "tragic" movie I guess. Loved the wolves.

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