Fearnet HD channel Halloween debut schedule suggestions.

Fearnet HD channel Halloween debut schedule suggestions.

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I have a few suggestions for Fearnet HD's debut on Devil's Night or Halloween continuing to the Day of the Dead (days accounting for November 2).The first suggestion is not so much a film, but to show the films in their original/proper aspect ratios and in surround sound when available. This is very important for horror, being a more sight and sound oriented genre in than others that are more plot/script based. It'd also be preferable to not have the channel logo showing during the film, but at the very least have there be no ads showing during the film, including during the credits (Starz does this and it's very annoying), and hopefully no mid movie commercial break like on the On-Demand channel.Now as to suggestions for films, trying to stay within the films that Lionsgate, Sony, and Comcast (now owning Universal studios) have rights to, but including some releases that have more independent distribution (Anchor Bay and Blue Underground holding dvd rights, etc.). The first three suggestions being the strongest, the others numbering much greater than 24 hours, but just being potential suggestions and could fill up the 3-4 day stretch from the 30th to November second (or the 31st if the channel truly starts then).1. The Night of the Demons trilogy (hopefully using a proper master of part 1, the Anchor Bay one is poor, the new MGM release on Hulu is much closer to how it should look).2. The Halloween series films (1-6 being the most appropriate, parts 2 and 3 being Universal owned films; 1, 4, and 5 being from Anchor Bay/Starz).3. Monster Squad.4. Prince of Darkness.5. The 'burbs.6. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Night.7. The Phantasm series (II is owned by Universal).8. Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Wolf Man.9. The Funhouse.10. When a Stranger Calls.11. The Brotherhood of Satan.12. Fright Night.13. Night of the Living Dead original and remake.14. The Mothman Prophecies.15. Night of the Demon (no 's').15. The Sentinel.16. Ju-On: The Grudge.17. House of 1,000 Corpses.18. Dance of the Dead.19. Dead End.20. Chopping Mall.21. The Gate.22. The Old Dark House (the original).23. The Blair Witch Project.24. Saw II.25. C.H.U.D. I-II (II being a Lionsgate film).26. Ginger Snaps.27. Witchboard.28. Demons.29. The Evil Dead I-II.30. City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, and House by the Cemetery.31. Suspiria and Inferno.32. Kill Baby Kill, Black Sunday, and Black Sabbath.33. Hell Night.34. Madman.35. Sleepaway Camp.36. Superstition.37. Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead.38. Creepshow.39. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.40. Malevolence.41. Behind the Mask.42. The Church.43. Scarecrows.44. Dark Night of the Scarecrow.45. Trick or Treat.46. Session 9.

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I'd settle for just having it in HD...which I don't think Comcast will, at least not here. Nothing about it on their site at all.

Too bad. I was hoping for it.


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All those suggestions and you won't even have the channel!


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