What is SyFy thinking?? SHARKTOPUS!!!

What is SyFy thinking?? SHARKTOPUS!!!

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Remember the classic “scary” TV shows like the Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside, and Tales from the Crypt? WHAT is going on SYFY!!! You’re becoming a laughing stock! Sharktopus, Supergator, and Ice Spiders!! It’s a shame. SyFy is the only network really committed to horror. I wish the horror fans would start expressing to SyFy they need to forget that crappy CGI and invest in hiring “good” writers with fresh, new, and creative ideas.

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I'm with you on that one, and chiller, I have to say a lot better than syfy but still crap

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Aren't Chiller and SyFy owned by the same group?  I think SyFy should stick to monster movies, however "Drive-In Camp" they may be and let Chiller handle the non sci-fi horror.

Sharktopus was the network embracing their monster movie silliness.  Blame Mega Pirranha and Frankenfish for being some of their best received movies.  At least Sharktopus was honest.  If you read that title, sat down on Saturday night and expected more than a dumb movie with a giant renegade shark that had tentacles and a hero that apprently can't shoot worth a dam, then you just weren't paying attention.

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Ive said it before the syfy channel and chiller network are competing to see who can show the worst movies did you check out the promo for "Monsterwolf"?

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I agree Syfy has dropped the ball (if they ever had it,) however I think that Nightvisions, tales from the darkside, and scare tactics are somewhat redemptive...

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Where is that dude that pushes spray on hair when you need him.....I can see it now.......

"it's a shark and an octopus all in in one!!! "We here at monstercom have combined a shark with an octopus all in one yes that's right the incredible SHARKTOPUS!!!! BUT but wait there's more......


Couldnt agree more. I tried to sit through "SHARKTOPUSSY" and took it off 15 minutes later. SyFy IS becoming an incredibly bad joke! So much so that more than once, when catching ANY kind of shite movie, someone from the group will say, "it belongs on the SyFy channel." Heads up to SyFy. . . . . THATS BAD! When people start using your organizations name to describe real shit, you are about to be buried and forgotten. Funny considering that they changed their name from SciFi to SyFy in an effort to restart, their station. Instead of the "brilliant" idea of creating a catalog of shit horror movies, they should have just bought the rights for old classics, or new ones. They had another movie, cant remember the name, but the tentacles of the creature almost looked like a cartoon rendering interfacing with the real actors. What a crap channel.

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im not gonna lie, most syfy movies are horrible but i loved sharktopus. not because its a good horror but because i laughed non stop thru that movie, it was too funny to hate. but look at all the syfy movies, they are obsessed with sharks, they have done more shark movies than anything. mega shark vs giant octopus was extreamly horrible. atleast syfy has some good comical stuff, the chiller channel just plain sucks, they dont even have anything that slightly amuses me.

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I believe that Syfy is becoming the last hold out for the 1950's & 1960's style B-movie.  Look at films like Kronos, The Monolith Monsters, The Creeping Terror (c'mon, I giant man and woman eating carpet from outer space?), and so on, and tell me that Syfy is not in their league.  There has to be room for the stupid, bad, poorly-written, poorly-animated, over-the-top monster movie.  It is part of the culture.

Not every film can be "Gone With The Wind"....

.....or "Rock Monster".

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