This Years Celebrity Death List

This Years Celebrity Death List

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Ok, last year we had our celebrity death list accurately predicted several celeb. deaths.  Now, what is your best guess to who is going to kick the bucket between October 2010 - October 2011?? 

Granted, many celebs will be on the list that we all like and love but because of illness, foreboding or whatever you want to call it, do post any and all of your guesses and if your celeb. dies, well also mark that on the list.  Test your Psyche.  Again, most on my list are actors that I do like or famous people that are cool, but I'm just making an educated guess and I was right with a couple of them last year.

Although I do not wish them ill and I imparticular love this actor / director, I think Clint Eastwood might be on his last year.  He's made a movie called "Here-after," perhaps there was a reason for this?  An early prediction?  Or the age old adage of certain movie productions being cursed like the people who died after making Exorcist and Polterguiest.

Then there is scientist Stephen Hawking.  Just wrote "Life's Design" and the title is self explanitory.

Next on my list is Max Von Sydow, great actor, starred as Leland Gaunt in "Needful Things" and a bunch of Jesus movies.  Most have been playing a lot too.......there is a possible foreboding along with his age.

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93 the quest isn't whom WILL die but< whom SHOULD die??? My guess is Roman Polanski & whoever is picking Elvira's MST3K SMy date to the promhort Buss movies. SFJ MMFWCL 93 93/93

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Who should die:

Justin Beiber

Lindsay Lohan

Danny Bonaduche

Paris Hilton

Tori Spelling and her Husband


Any Televangelism personality

Rush Limbaugh


The Kardashians

Dr. Phil

Just to name a


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Pamela... You are the BEST!!! Laughing Agreed with every single one!!


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LOL. That was another one for my list. I'll come up with more later.

Oh yeah, and that guy, can't remember his name, that used to be on youtube crying about leaving Brittany Spears alone...lmao. How could we forget about him?

Martha Stewart

Miley Cyrus and her whinning dad.

Courtny Love (uuuggg!)

David Hasslehoff(spelling?)

Pauly Shore!

Maury and his entire show

Judge a bitch! Can you imagine being her Husband? Yikes!)

Sarah Palin and most other politicians

Spencer and Heidi Pratt

Tyra Banks

Janice Dickenson





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 Got to add Charlie Sheen to list of soon to go.

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I can't believe I didn't add that. I've got cartoons and other pic jokes about him downloaded!

I wouldn't exactly wish him dead though. I just wish he would go get some help and stay off the internet and media before doing so. He's making an ass of himself.

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@PamelaP Yeah, it's a shame about Charlie. He's a train wreck waiting to happen. He's totaly lost it & needs some serious help. But, if Robert Downey Jr can kick it maybe Charlie can too. I do like his work & would hate to see his demise due to mental illness.

Now Gary Busey is just insane! That head inujury did him in. He's a scarey individual.

Insane Gary Busey

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LMFAO! Nice pic.

Can't stop lmao! I'm rolling!


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