Bummed Over "The 4th Kind"

Bummed Over "The 4th Kind"

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The movie "The 4th Kind" had me thinking a lot, as did "Fire In The Sky" because they were supposedly based on true stories regarding some form of alien abductions right?  Well, I was half-way wrong.  "Fire In The Sky" may have been based on a book (haven't looked for that one yet) and some actually true occurances,................. but after looking for the the book that inspired "The 4th Kind," because I was really interested in the subject, I found out that it was never based on a book or serious investigative account at all. 

Everything in "The 4th Kind" was scripted for that paticular movie.  No abductions match the movie accounts, there was no psychiatrist (Dr. so and so) who went nutz, and some Alaskan agency actually sued the makers of "The 4th Kind," because nobody wanted to go to Nome Alaska for their tourist trips anymore.

So, I thought to myself, well maybe this was just a jaded blogger who stated these suppositions as facts but the more I looked, the info was the same.  The whole basis of the movie "The 4th Kind" was a hoax and there was indeed a lawsuit over it that settled for only $20,000.  Unfortunately, this is the first I've heard of this.  Now I feel like an idiot.

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Thats fuked up ! Their entire claim to fame was that the STUPID 40 seconds or so of the guy levitating in the bed was real footage from the real story. That is taking the whole BLAIR WITCH CON JOB to another level ! Some people STILL think the BW is based on facts. Thats really a rip off. Particularly since THE 4th KIND is one of THE most boring pieces of shit ever made. Luckily I paid nothing for it and watched 96% of it in FAST FORWARD. Then was informed I could throw it in the garbage by the owner.

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i have heard another side. due to what happened there would be a form of confidetiality,"name changes" and two im going to go work in gnome AK, here pretty soon for a construction company up there, my step father has been there for a while and says hes heard some pretty wild stories. the movie says based on true events which may mean that only a small fraction is true. guess we will never know.

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Wolfenstein, I thought the same thing...........maybe it was just a gov't cover-up but even the UFO' Hunters have posted dissappointing blogs about it (everywhere).  Apparently, there isn't really that many missing people in Nome and there was zero investigationary reports at all, that had anything to do with the story and basis of the movie. But I don't doubt that people have been abducted before.  And I don't doubt that weird stuff happens in Alaska either.  But the whole scenerio of the police witnessing an abduction, having evidence on tape and the psychiatrist thing was all a hoax.

I'm dissappointed because a lot of people were conned into thinking it had something to do with documented reports.  I wanted to believe it had some factual basis too.Cry

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Cheer up spooky, we still have the excorist, now there are documents of an event thats its based on

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Thanks Z.M.  I just wish there were more horror movies that actually were based on true events.  I think it makes the plot a lot scarier. 

I don't like films that purport to be based on facts and then try to play the hoax up for all it's worth.  Granted I did like Blair Witch but everyone new that was a hoax, the actors have been in other things.

It shouldn't be a long winded research project to find out whether something is an elaborate hoax or not.  That's ruined a few movies and degrades the epic proportions of ones that were based on fact like "Fire In The Sky and Haunting in CT," etc.

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awww Another let down...At one point in time, I actually thought about moving to Alaska, key word thought.. Alaska seems like such a quiet, clean place to live ..the fresh air, the lakes, surrounded by trees and the cold,, yup, I like the cold...lol.. Anyway, after seeing that movie, I was like.. Nah, I don't think I'll be thinking about moving to Alaska anymore.. Maybe many people had the same thought as I and maybe that movie killed it for many. I cannot imagibe Alaska being a hot bed where people are just in line waiting to move there. I have heard that they will actually pay you to move/live in Alaska. However, I do not know how true that is.

I undersatnad where you are coming from Spooky, about the whole disappointment thing. Honesly, I cannot really say that I "believe" in anything. I do not believe in Bigfoot, Lochness, ghosts, chupacabra etc.. I try to think of everything in a rational and scientic manner.... However, this does not mean that I do not want to believe. Honestly, I would love to see something discovered.. Real proof that Bigfoot exists.. or actual ghost footage. Let's face it.. much of the so called evidence that has to do with all this has been proven a hoax.

Even shows about ghosts.. I have watched some of them and there never really is concrete proof.. Although I will admit the ghost shows are pretty good sometimes. It kind of surprises me that they are still running. I mean you can only tune in so long and not see any real proof before you say, I am not even going to bother watching anymore.

I would also like to explain that by proof, I mean you turn on the 6 o clock news and see a big pic and story of how Bigfoot was captured or they found a fin of lockness or news cameras caught a real ghost on film at a local house...

The only real proof they have found of a mythical creature is the Kraken/giant squid... They actually found one and they have deep see cameras that recorded images of one. I guess there is one thing that is not pure fiction.


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I don't know man....anal probes still scare me

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