Fangoria Frightfest's: "Dark House"

Fangoria Frightfest's: "Dark House"

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So has anyone seen Fangoria Frightfest's "Dark House?" What did you think?

 It stars Jeffrey Combs and is about a haunted house attraction that uses digital projector holograms (sp?) to project the ghosts along with actors etc, for a tourist attraction.  It has a 13 Ghosts type feel to it.  Wasn't bad to watch, at all.  It also has the elements of a slasher movie and a strange twist at the end.

Ok, so some old creepy house was the scene of a crime, where as a born again Christian cult lady, goes nuts and kills all her foster kids.  One girl who was a by-stander, found the children when she was 7 and was in therapy ever since.  Her therapist suggests she goes back in the house etc to face her fears. She wouldn't go alone.  She refused medicine because she was an aspiring actress etc and it hurt her in her classes.

Well, low and behold even though she never disclosed her troubled past, Jeffrey Combs comes to her acting class recruiting actors for his amazing hauted house with holograms, and he guarantee's great pay and the fright of everyones life, for those who participate in the tourist "haunted house" set-up.  A future acting career is on the line. 

 The girl and her friends sign up, things go wrong and the holograms come to life. She never disclosed her knowledge or the history of the place, to the other classmates but figures this is a good chance to privately face her fears (only with an unknowing group).  Be that as it may, the aspiring actors and actresses get trapped in that house, the horrible house that was once the scene of a slaughter. The truth eventually comes out but in any case, they are locked in and one by one are faced with supernatural forces that can kill them but dissappear straight away afterwards. Fantasy and dillusion developes a mind of it's own, and there seems to be no way to fight back.

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I put this in a discussion somewhere. A kind of modernized HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL meets SHOCKER. To be honest, it was SO forgettable, that I dont even remember if I liked it or hated it and thats BAD. Love Coombs but they need to put him in better stuff.

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Haven't seen this. But, Jeffery Combs is in it, so I have to just for that. So, a thumbs up and a thumbs down at the moment...hmm.

I'll check it out and give my opinion later.


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It's probably one of those movies that people either love, hate or don't care for, but I def. liked it.  It was something diff. for a change.


I saw the whole thing, it wasnt terrible but again, not memorable, no biggie.

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but could have been more

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Icould take it or leave it.....had some cool stuff in it.

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The plot was actually pretty good but overall it was crappy

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like hellfighter sad it wasn't bad, but wasn't memorable either,


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aint seen it yet but it sound okMoney mouth


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yes this movie had great affects, i really liked it

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