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Is it just me or do the trailers for this movie make it look like the production was rushed. I don't think this film will be good at all. 1st it's in 3D, that's the major downfall in my book. 2nd the traps on the previews don't look as clever. SAW 6 made the series interesting again, but this looks sub-par.

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I liked it. I really did. And I'm not going to lie, I thought some of the lines got old, but they added an element in this movie that I like, that tied in with every single one. 

I won't mention, but it makes me feel and hope for more of another kind of Saw, a new continuation.

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Lots of people said it was pretty good, have any of ya'll seen it?

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lol yeah it was pretty freaky imo

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awesome movie, just like the other Saw movies, i hope there is a saw 8


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