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I love Takashi Miike [the director of Audition] and I had read some great reviews on this movie so I decided I'd give it a try and all I can say after watching it is "what the fuck" I don't know if I missed something though translation or something but what the fuck was going on in that movie during the end? with all the flashing back and forth between different woman? I don't think it was just showing how that girl was crazy and he was still in love with his wife, I'm sure it's deeper than that. And what was that man in the trash bag? I'm just so confused.

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you are a gent & i love your reviews.................... despite if i like the films or not! .............................. i am glad you have joined our fucked up tribe!

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Im glad i joined to. This a great and inviting community. Unlike some other horror sites i wont mention.

JUST REPLACE THE WORD METAL WITH HORROR!!!!! lol its sunday im way too drunk to be posting on this sit. ima get myself into som trouble i reckon! Ill keep it on the DL

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Been almost a year since I've seen it and it gives me chills even to think about. The vomit part especially. 

I would love to watch it again, but like good wine, I let it age for a bit and then watch it over. There's aways something new the second time ;) 


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