Dexter recap 11/1/2010

Dexter recap 11/1/2010

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On "Dexter": Dexter packs up his house with help from Deb, where she tells him that she'll give his apartment back to him. Dexter starts trailing a guy who kills other dudes during rough sex play. Meanwhile, Lumen is wearing wigs and make-up to find the guys who enslaved her.

The Chief shames Deb for staking out a club to find the Santa Muerte killers -- he thinks she's just drinking on the tax payers' dime. He then tells Laguerta that her job will be on the line if another murder happens. Then, she gets into an argument with Batista about bringing down the narc cop (Stan Liddy) on the take. Well, Liddy is trying to help Quinn find out dirt on Dexter. Harrison says "Bye, Bye" to Dexter, and he thinks that the kid is actually saying "Die, Die."

Dexter tranquilizes his target (Lance) and is wrapping him in saran wrap when he gets a call from Lumen. She's hysterical when she gets him -- she tells him that she shot and killed a guy. He hesitantly agrees to help her rid of the body, but time is tight because Lance is going to wake up in a few hours. When he gets there, the dude is gone. They argue, because Lumen didn't really have any proof that she killed the right person.

They finally find the guy, but not before Deb and others are on the scene, investigating the possible murder of the guy that Dex is helping find. And, Dex is called to the scene. Where he already is. And, the nanny calls in the middle of it and he has to sing to Harrison.

Dex takes Lumen into another room to calm her down and the shot guy calls someone on a cell phone and they hear him talking to someone. He's saying that Lumen is alive, so we know he really was one of her attackers. Dex breaks his neck and they start to scramble to clean up before Homicide is on the scene. Oh my God, so Deb and Masuka are getting closer, and Lance breaks out of the back of Dexter's truck and starts running, with Dex hot on his trail. He grabs the guy and drags him (and strangles him) out of the way... to the room with the tied-up shot guy. Dex sets Lance's body to make it look like he was the shooter and choked himself in some sort of sex game. TENSE.

Batista picks up a girl during the Santa Muerte stakeout. It appears that he's going to cheat with her, but instead he sees that she's wearing a Santa Muerte necklace and has a lot of drug charges and could be useful as a witness. Laguerta and Batista make up and apologize for all of the bullshiz. Deb tells Quinn that she has feelings for him. Yuck. Lumen and Dex have a heart to heart at his old place. Seems like they're in this together now, and it's gonna involve more killin'.

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am i the only one who's a bit disappointed by this season of Dexter? i mean yes, Michael C. Hall is gorgeous as ever but it seems really poorly shot/written than all the other seasons. Dexter seems haphazard and sloppy in his extra curricular activities, which Dexter would never be... he's a very neat monster, after all... and all the relationship drama (Batista/LaGuerta, Deb/Quinn) seems to be over-riding what should be the actual plots... and Dexter's kills are less fleshed out (less following and research, you almost don't know why he's killing them unless you really read behind the lines and you don't see him disposing of them). plus, what's with all the close-ups? almost every shot is a head shot.. and since when is Deb so mushy? the best things about this season thus far is cut Dex himself and that brat Astor leaving... and when the brain matter fell on Masuka's shoulder...


I cant stand the usually whinney, needy, relationship dependent sister. So much so its made me not like the actress, lol. Yes I know, means good acting. I have to agree, the whole relationship dramas are leaned on TOO heavily and dragging the series into boredom. I never before wanted to fast forward the show till now. . . . .  thats bad news for them. They USUALLY do a great job on character buildup and keep you interested in all of them without overdoing the info and boring you. I think giving Dexter a baby was a bad idea. Theres no moving ahead or changing that story arc, so unless theres a reason for the little guy, he's gonna be the constant weight on the show or be unralistic and conveniently never be around. But there WAS a great amount of tension as he was dealing with his new "friend" while the police were coming. Still good.

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i'm afraid this may be the last season of Dexter, what with Michael C. Hall recovering from Hogkins Lymphoma and all... which makes the weakness of this season even more disappointing.. you'd think they'd try to make what could be the last season majour...

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