Joyride 2 (SUCKS)

Joyride 2 (SUCKS)

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OMFG!!  What a horrible sequel.  I got about half way through and had to shut if off.  I'm going to finish the rest of it; then comment some more.  I can't believe I paid $1.50 for this piece of crap. The acting is so horrible.  One of the characters is sooo loathsome, one you can't wait to die. LOL.  The guys are complete pussies, storyline is the same but even more lame.  Maybe the ending will be salvagable.


Nope, i was wrong.  The ending was horrible,left a crappy ending so they could make another movie. They tried to copy Ted Levine's voice(orignal rusty nail), it was so bad that it was completely on my nerves by the end of the movie.  Don't even bother horror fans.  You'll just be disappointed.Cry

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joyride 2 huh!!!?? never heard of it , let alone joyride! by the sounds of it I aint missing much , but its always great to bitch about how bad a movie is !!!!1peace!!!AAAAAAAAAaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yell

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