amityville curse

amityville curse

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so im watching the fearnet on demand on comcast and i came across the amityville curse now ive seen the other amityville horror movies and loved them but ive never seen this one so im gonna give it a try has anyone else seen this movie?? liked it?? loved it?? hated it?? whats your opinion on it rant here!! Laughing

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Well i like it, not the best one but it aint bad if you ask me.. the amityville movies rocks !! :D but not a fan of the remake :/

hope you enjoy it:)


Except for the original, I havent seen any others.


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yeah it was alright not the best one but i liked it love those movies!!!!!

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I got them all.  Except for the remake.

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I'vr been a fan of this franchise since i picked up the novel back in the late 70's. I even enjoyed the remake, however, this entry left me flat. I felt as though it was just springboarding off of a well known name. it could have been "House III" for all that's worth. Worth a watch, but you may be disappointed.

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i saw this movie, it wasn't bad, but the original was the best of all of them

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