The Walking Dead Recap Season 1 Eppi 2

The Walking Dead Recap Season 1 Eppi 2

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'The Walking Dead' Recap: Guts

Sorry its late!

When the viewers last left Rick, he was trapped inside a tank as the zombies outside swarmed in around him and a voice was taunting him from the radio.

The voice ends up belonging to Glenn (who proceeds to steal every scene that he’s in) who leads Rick into an abandoned department store. They meet up with a group of survivors –Andrea, Morales, Jacqui, Merle and T-Dog – who came into Atlanta for supplies.

Rick ruined that plan, which earns him a death threat, and the store becomes surrounded by zombies.

Merle, the episode's racist villain (we know that he’s evil since he uses the n-word copiously), doesn’t help the scenario since he attracts more zombies by doing a little target practice from the roof. It’s never explained why they brought him along. Maybe they were hoping to feed him to the zombies.

Rick handcuffs Dixon to a pipe, uttering the most amazing line of the episode: “There’s no n--- anymore…only dark meat and white meat, there’s us and the dead.” If only more zombie movie heroes could be so concise the genre would be a lot more respectable.

The group eventually decides that the only means of escape is via a truck parked at a nearby construction site.

Enter the goriest moment of the show. The group hacks open up the body of a zombie, though not before finding out that the man’s name was Wayne Dunlap and he is 28 years old and an organ donor, just in case the audience forgot that the zombies were once human.

Rick and Glenn proceed to cover themselves in bloody zombie bits (Rick once again proves his awesomeness by having two feet hang from his neck) and walk out towards the truck.

Unfortunately, as they are walking, it starts to rain, washing off the entrails and drawing the zombie towards them. Fortunately they make it to the truck, pick up the group, and flee Atlanta, though not before T-Dog accidentally drops the key to Dixon’s handcuffs, leaving him to his doom.

Though something tells me that he’ll be back (reason: strategically dropped handsaw).

Meanwhile, Lori is still having an affair with Rick’s former police partner, Dale. Then again, would it still be considered an affair if she thinks her husband is dead? We also find out that the Atlanta group is part of the camping group.

The domestic drama that will no doubt ensue when Rick comes back promises to be exciting. Until then, I don’t really care about the camping scenes.

Zombie Kill of the Week: The late Wayne Dunlap, whose entrails Rick and Glenn use to disguise themselves from the zombie horde. It gives the iconic scene from Shaun of the Dead a bloody run for its money.

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I think good ol Dale was doing the sheriffs wife all along. Their conversation in the first eppy in the squad car left me suspicious BACK THEN. Ol Dale has this weird look on his face (great acting) when he "nonchalantly" asks our stalwart deputy how things are at home. Dales wife, according to the story had at first complained about non communication and then STILL gets pissed when the deputy tries to be a good hubby and open lines of communication. I would like to show UP on the deputy's shoulder with my horns, tail and pitchfork and tell him ITS FUKIN' ZOMBIE CHOW TIME. . . . . . . . . ahem, but thats just me.SMILEY SATANSO SLOW THE FUCK DOWN




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I caught that HF and I agree! those two are just alittle too friendly not to have been doing that for some time! Cant wait to see the looks on their faces when Dudly Do Right rides into town. Love the show!


Yes indeed Buf ! I think this show is going to have wide appeal and help convert "normal" peeps into horror heads, lol. I was happy to see Laurie Holden in the cast. She was the blonde in THE MIST. The Asian guy was cool too (dont know his name) LOVED how he kept pointing out to the deputy just how frikken DUMB he was. Im hoping that its part of the character buildup that even though the deputy has guts and real hero quality, he is kinda on a learning curve for the zombie holocaust and he better catch up.

On another note, Im wondering if Dale is gonna be a coward or if its just an every man for himself agenda that he has. Cause with the criminals, he was spot on, but with the zbs . . . . . . . he obviously isnt gonna save ANYBODYS ass.

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Laurie Holden I thought she looked familar!

Glenn I loved him it was so cool seeing him charge out in that camero! Bright boy I loved how he let Rick know he was a dumb ass but how cool was it when Glenn told him was a dumb ass too! I thought I was going to like Shane but ya know there seems to be something just a little off, who the hell sneaks up on someone in the middle of all this chaos and then grabs em from behind covering thier mouth? Then fucks her stupid! that guys head would have been gone in 60 seconds! LOL I do agree I think this series has great potential for turning regular people into horror heads! The more the merrier!


The roof nazi is gonna have to cut the metal brace or his wrist. (should easily be the brace but since its horror, and he is an idiot, he MAY cut his hand off) LOL. L O V E idiots with sharp stuff!

SPOILER ALERTThe handcuffs are HARDENED steel. Contrary to movies, you arent cutting those.

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It's oh so hard to sit back and not say anything about the characters to people that do not know them from the comics, but even more so exciting that people are discussing them and how they will react in the situations that will come. 

But one quick correction, Shane is with Lori, Dale is the man with the RV and the fishing cap.



LOL. Thanks admin. Still trying to get all the names right. I dont even remember deputy doofys name. LOVED how they did the helicopter scene! The sound and reflection on the skyscraper rather than just showing him flying around. Great visuals in this show, not just the zbs and effects.

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I did too HF the FX are wonderful and the story is even better, I had no idea it was based on comics very cool something to check out!


Admin gave me a great link to the graphic novel the series is based on. If you become interested in picking it up, let me know and I will send you the link.

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I am and thank you very much! Send it please

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