Drive in

Drive in

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I wish it would be profitable to open a drive in.  I think there are only 4 left in Missouri.  Y'all have any where you live that are open still?

That would be so cool to do.  There is a movie theatre in St. Louis that has these old cars 57 chevys stuff like that at this little resturaunt  inside movie lobby that you can sit at and eat the cars are cut in half with a table in the middle they have a giant screen that they show movie previews and sports on while you wait for the movie to open.

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sounds kinda like the Big Mo drive-in in Augusta, GA.. they'll have themed double features, so one weekend it'll be Rebel Without a Cause and The Wild One, the next will be a couple Elvis flick and the next some old horror films, it's pretty cool and you get to seesome cool old films...

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ya, the last one here closed shortly after I moved to FL and I never really had one near me in NYC.  I've always liked the Drive-In styly movies and old muscle cars.  If I thought I could combine the two and make a living at it I'd jump at the chance.  Until then I guess I'm stuck playing with monsters.

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Sneaked watching "The Oblong Box" with Vincent Price when I was little and supposed to be asleep at the drive-in.

All gone in Pennsylvania.  Three held on for a while, then faded. 

Some in the area are now weekend flea markets.

Lost Americana.


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