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This movie sucked.  I thought it was going to be so much more.  Hardly any violence, no blood, there was no real action till the last twenty minutes of it.  It was a movie about a experiment.  I'm so glad that I didn't spend my money on it.

I can't believe how morally out of control this movie got.  I just can't believe how men can constantly think with the wrong head.  Yet, they do it over time and time again.

This movie sucked so bad that I can't even talk about it anymore.  LOL


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A LOT of SciFi/Horror flicks are easily morally out of control once you think deeper on their behavior. All of a sudden the "heros" are actually pretty much garbage. From the recent SPLICE where the "parents" of a being that may have had potential to be somethiing better if not cared for by "heros" who had such crappy morals. From committing to an illegal endeavor, to a form of incest or at the very least callous advantage to the abusive "mother"who punishes her innocent (albeit dangerous) "daughter" with an act of extreme violence. To going further back to the the movie THE ABYSS which had the "heros", commercial undersea miners unwilling to help in a rescue attempt of some 200 plus lives UNTIL THEY ARE OFFERED MONEY, the scientist "hero" whose installation is more important than those lives, the actual hero who suffers against his will through a sickness of nitrogen narcosis but is treated like he is the devil, to those same "heros" willing to risk their lives FOR FREE for an unknown alien species but NOT for more than 200 of their fellow men. (!!!!) If THATS not fucked up brainwashing morals from a Hollywood elitest idiot, NOTHING is. People who inadverdently accept behavior "models" from Hollywood movies, and trust that there are more people subtly influenced than you would think, are in a world of shit. Hollywood does NOT equal morals.

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That is soooo true man. 

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