Shooting Horror films on the iPhone4?

Shooting Horror films on the iPhone4?

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Has anyone attempted to use the HD camera capability of the iPhone 4 to shoot a small horror film? I know it has been done by the director of Dead iSland, he shot the entire movie on two iPhone4's, I just wanted to get the opinion of horror fans and small time film-makers. Also, what camera would you recommend for first-time film-makers?

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There's a slew of cameras that are good for getting started depending on your budget.  For near no money at all  you can pick up a refurbished Sanyo Xacti HD 1000 (under $200 at Best  It has an external mic input, manual controls, a decent lense and shoots 1080i.

If you have $2000  you might want to look at the Canon 7D or 5D Mark II.  You can change lenses on these and the picture quality is excellent, but the audio leaves something to be desired and using different lenses takes money or the ability to borrow them.

Lots of cameras in between.  You want to get the best image, manual control and external mic hook up you can afford.  Also make sure you've got software to support the editing.  I think Sony Vegas is a good place to start if you don't have something already.


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The Panasonic Lumix GH2 is one of the most impressive low-cost DSLR options.  Just under a grand with a kit wide-angle lens.  It has a very pleasing image right out of the gate and you can see tons of examples of all sorts of settings, speeds, ISO, available light, etc. on youtube, among other places.


Though the formfactor of a DSLR leaves a lot to be desired without some kind of shoulder/handheld platform or mount the imagery possible and aesthetic potential is far beyond the scope of any "camcorder" on the market outside a few of the newer, quite expensive, large sensor options from Panasonic and Sony (unless you're using a camcorder coupled with a 35mm adapter like the Redrock Micro M2 or Brevis, etc.).  


On top of all that you actually learn real photographic technique using a DSLR that can be built upon and applied to high-end cameras in professional situations.  Thank the Maker we're no longer at the mercy of video engineers and their antiquated tape-based technology or garbage 1950s "standards".


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We used an iphone and a flip for my first movie and it turned out looking pretty good.



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I strongly feel it doesn't matter what you shoot on, as long as the story is good and jives with your format.  The Canon t2i or t3i can be bought for less than 1 grand and can produce extremely high quality images. 


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