if pinhead and freedy got in a fight who would win?

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if pinhead and freedy got in a fight who would win?

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who do you think would win? me i personaly think pinhead.

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Personally, I think it would equally matched. They both seem to come from the same horror roots, give or take a few story elements.

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pinhead would have to be asleep for freddy to be able to do anything! pinhead is like a triple hard bastard super demon with a army of shit kicking cenobites backing him up! there is no competition freddy would get skull fucked!bert lol.jpg

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Demonology_101.jpgall beings dream!!!











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all beings do not dream some beings dont even have brains. ALL beings sleep or in invertibrates have "rest periods" some aquatic mammals & fish only sleep half there brain at a time & cold blooded animals dont have periods of REM

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HELLFIGHTER; That was a great clip. I enjoyed every second of it. Thanks dude!

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And PS...Even though I think Michael would win, my vote still goes to Bruce Campbell. I just like the guy and I absolutely love "Evil Dead" prt.2


@PamelaP - Glad you enjoyed it sweetie.

@Klownz - VERY well thought out and factual answer.

On a movie monster note, I cant believe that FRANKENSTEIN, nor the reanimated by lightning JASON, sleep OR dream as they are no longer human. For example Frankenstein hikes his ass to the North Pole without stopping. Obviously no sleep necessary. They may go dormant but I dont believe they sleep or dream, maybe just think, relive, meditate on some level. Since demons are in a realm of total supernatural existence, I cant believe they sleep either. I dont believe Freddy sleeps either but again, there IS a hierarchy in hell and Pinhead DID command a PRINCESS AMONG DEMONS. . . . dont think he could do that if he didnt have the "rank".

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@ hellfighter- its intresting that you should bring up "rank" i was just thinking earlier that freddy gets granted his powers by a higher power its the same with candyman he makes a curse but someone must grant it surely?

am not sayin freddy is a pussy & i love most of the Elm st films but pinhead is the kind of power that could have made freddy what he is.

as for zombie jason, jason lives (zombie jason no.6) is my favorite one, its got the highest body count! i dont like the face imprint into the tree though lol!

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lmmfao okay guess i should'a been a little more specific >>> beings... demonology...>>> = HEARTBEAT,BLOOD,BRAIN!!!= whoTF thinks ah plants insects and all around pest lmmfao ugh were we not talkin demons... creations of the mind of directors & writers?? they were both created under the assumption of evil and there's only 1 ruler of evil therefor both equally created to do 1 thing.... obtain souls for damnation.. both STARTED as man but in death were cursed and damned to serve a purpose... who wins ugh whoever has the prettiest bitch and biggest house outta the director i suppose but for me personally freddy... pinhead was just that a pinhead!!

& btw Mr. bill neigh the science guy!! pick up a demonology book and read it before ya assume to know what ur talkin bout bud... beings = blood driven creations of the creator = man woman child & animal... meaning of course common sense obtainable for possession!! and yes every living breathing blood pumping creation DREAMS!!!!!!

shit the bed hellboy wins!!! lmao thanks for the topic thought i was done with demons but it seems a spark has lit the fire once again lol


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