changing the age limit from 13yrs to 18 yrs to join our community?

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changing the age limit from 13yrs to 18 yrs to join our community?

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i've noticed that there is alot of x rated photos on i feel it would be in everyones best intrest to have the age limit changed from 13years old to 18 years old to avoid any prombles , example say someones 14yrold kid happens to get caught looking at everyones pics and his parents walk in he explains i am not on a dirty adult site see you only have to be atleast 13yrs old to join then the parents report this site and the whole site gets shut down, that would suck for all of us corrrect? well i'm hoping that i've made my point and others agree i would really hate to have no community to be apart of . also it would be alot easyer to change the age  verses having all x rated photos removed.

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i dont think its a bad idea but it would be a shame for some of the older teens. i can remember when i used to come on more often their were`a couple teens that used to get in on the discussions simply cause they loved horror movies . it would be a shame for the ones that came on the site that actually came on for the right reasons . what it really boils down to is parents watching what their kids are doing .

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I haven't seen any problems so far. I like talking to other teens who may be younger than I am. Can't parents block this with parental block if there's issues?

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im kinda mixed on my decision, one that its kind of wierd to have 13 year olds on fearnet and i have no room to talk cuz reason number two is because im only 17.

and truthfully i would hate for FearNet to be shut down. I would really miss this site and all the truthfull reviews on movies i want to go see.

Btw thanks for that comment miss echo lol.

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i think Widows Right change the age limit it would be easier and no argument over it.

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Kids under 17 aren't suppose to be watching R rated movies anyway. Horror and sexual content go hand in hand 97% of the time. If a kid is lying to get on this site, there is no parental supervision, how does that make it another grown ups fault? Lastly, a good majority of kids go to public school nowadays; Death, sex, gore, violence isn't anything new or offensive to them, they probally already experienced it...sadly.  

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i dont think that there is a problem with having an age limit. i have noticed some pretty suggestive content on the site and telling people to removie would not be the best of ideas. And as some others have said , younger teens shouldnt be watching rrated movies as it is. the idea witha younger sitee for the younger crowd sounded like an alright idea,but there were problems with that? hmm. anyway, i suppose a parental block would do the trick , just as eefective as any age limit.

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 most kids today are alot smarter than anyone gives them credit for, and if they want on to this site , or any other site that has "questionable" content, neither age limit nor parental block will stop them. they know more about these stupid computers than we do (and yeah im only 31, but trust me,on this) my generation may have began learning about computers and how to operate them and such in ,what, maybe junior high the end of elementary even? kids today  and im talking 2 yr olds, get their own little laptops and within a few months to a year tops, they have it completly figured out, are bored with it and then learn to run the internet ITSELF from a friggin phone. parents are responsible for what their kids watch, (and other adults in the household, i may not be a mother but im a fierce auntie!) if one of my neices or nephews wanted on this site, honestlty i would let them, but i would be there beside them spending the time to  see what they already know, tell them the truth where it is needed and say i dont friggin think so if i dont think they can process something yet.

so , changing an age limit, or blocking a site or even making a pg rated version only causes more problems than it solves not only for the adults on the site, but for the kids who want to see and their parents, spend more time with your kids, know what they are up to (even if you dont approve) and for the gods' sakes TALK to them.

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