how do i start my own group????

how do i start my own group????

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hi i just wanderd how do i start my own group on fear net???,as it seems fairley easy how to join a group,of which i have joined a few,but i wanderd if ne body cud help me in how to start my own group???if ne body cud be of ne help i would be most greatful.

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when you go to the groups section , on the right itheres a box says request a new group type in the name you want to name it , then once its processed it should show up it took 2 days before the one i started called pur f... ing evil  was on the list . good luck



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Sorry I took so long to start your group Widow... all you need to do is as Widow says, request it and i can create it.  Also recommeded is emailing me a logo for your group.  I can add this and change it at any time.  Just send a jpeg to

I should also say that I decide if a group is acceptable

Al Bundy Is My Hero = Yes

Ted Bundy Is My Hero = NO


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