Lost Boys 3

Lost Boys 3

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Lmao@rebecca's reply. well ty for posting this link, when i watched lost boys 2 i was like :| ...but if the 3rd movie is better than the second i will try and find a bootlegged streamed version and maybe try to post that link here

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It was so much better than part 2. Maybe it's because of part 2's suckiness that I went in with low expectations... but it was pretty damn entertaining.

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Sounds okay however I am such a purest and some sequels are just dandy but I tend to stir clear of them. thanks for the review who knows it might be worth a go


BTW welcome to Fear


I couldnt take it and had to turn it off after 5-10 minutes. Didnt get my attention, seemed kind of childish. The Frog brothers were ok when they were part of an ensemble with the rest of the cast being serious, as the stars, ehh.

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Yeah... the first 5 or 10 werent that good. Re-hashing old lines. It did get a bit better though.

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Sorry for the young lamers you have posting to this site. The thirst was the 2nd with that other one just dust in the wind. The frog brothers stayed true to the original story. Corey Haim, May you rest in peace. Coery Fieldman, you new what you were doing. Stay true to the real beginning and dont vere off course.

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after the lost boys:tribe i am weary to go see this..... the story sucked in the lost boy: tribe that i hope they dont fuck this one up.

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To be honest, I haven't seen this movie, and I probably won't due to the fact that it seem like something we've seen forty million times with other movies. Yeah, it has the Frog brothers in it, but that doesn't mean it will be a good movie. I bet it has gobs of unecessary blood. Yeah, the first one had some blood, but it wasn't pouring like water from the victims like in The Tribe. I can already tell it's going to have some form of sexual gimmick to lure people in to watch it. And did the dumbasses who made Tribe tell anyone that one of the Frog Brothers was turned into a vampire, or it sure as hell looked and gave hint that it may be him. Yet, they have him normal and human in this next movie. That's a bit incoherent and pointless, don't you think? They got this whole thing screwed-up. Boo on this movie.

Bring back the epic feel of what used to be The Lost Boys, not this shit trying to compete with Blade and every other modern vampire story. First thing I thought about when I saw one of the characters and the rave scene was the first Blade movie. How about instead of trying to be like modern vampire flicks, why not take a heed from the original and make something as good as that?

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