Zombie Short Stories - Submissions

Zombie Short Stories - Submissions

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Just a quick reminder to get your zombie short stories into Wild Wolf asap. If you remember we're looking for 3000-7000 words with the loose theme of zombie holiday, i.e. stories with outbreaks at holiday resorts, camping trips, cruise trips, foreign trips ...pretty much anything. Submit to submissions@wildwolfpublishing.com with something like ACCEPTED FOR 2011 ZOMBIE ANTHOLOGY in the email header. It's a penny a word upto a cap of 50 pounds, ($76). Peter Fussey will no doubt do a cracking cover picture and the title should be available in paperback and kindle sometime in the first half of the year.


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I've just read some very exciting entries for the Wild Wolf Publishing zombie anthology ...Iain McKinnon, Derek Gunn, Cal Miller, Shaun Jeffrey, R.M Cochran, Iain S Paton, Bowie V Ibarra to name a handful. Plenty more submissions on the way I'm promised - keep them coming to submissions@wildwolfpublishing.com

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So far I know the following names are in...

Shaun Jeffrey, Iain McKinnon, Tony Wright, Lee Kelly, Vallon Jackson (aka Matt Hilton), A.M. Boyle, R. M. Cochran, Tonia Brown, Iain S Paton, Bowie V Ibarra, Calvin A. L. Miller II, Derek Gunn, David Dunwoody, William Meikle, Nigel Hall, Rob Smith, John McCuaig, Joe McKinney, Shawn M Riddle, R. Phillip Roberts, Asher Wismer, Wayne Simmons, Rod Glenn and A.P. Fuchs.

...Oh and John Russo, who co-wrote Night of the Living Dead. Also, we have Tony Burgess, author of that very original Canadian zombie film, Pontypool. Fracking A!

Deadline for submissions is the end of this month I'm being told.

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