Train and Perkins 14

Train and Perkins 14

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These were two good fearnet movies! Blood and Guts! Comcast On Demand!

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Train was pretty good - just saw it over the weekend. 

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I watched Perkins' 14 the other day. It was decent for a Fearnet movie. I thought the cinematography was well done; the entire movie had a very creepy setting, especially the people in the cages. I liked the end as well; it was very twisted.

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was pretty good for a fearnet movie. i thought the ending sucked but as a whole it was a pretty entertaining movie

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Did not see 'Perkins 14' and do not know anything about it; however I did see 'Train' and this movie scared me out of my wits!! Excellent true-to-life acting, right down to the Eastern European accents and everything... right up there with 'Hostel II', in my opinion, did not think a flick could beat that one out in terms of genuine horror but damn is 'Train' a scary ride. All aboard a ride to Odessa...Surprised

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Train was really really good reminds me not to go far away and give train conductors my passports like an idiot

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I dug Train because I love Thora Birch and the gore was pretty nice.. but I LOVED Perkins 14. It's a completely fresh take on zombies and I found it oddly refreshing.


I was SURPRISED to see Birch in a slasher flick, particularly such a gory one. She did a great job. Good flick.

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She seemed to go through a psycho thriller phase. She did another movie that I loved called The Hole. (Sounds like a really skeezy porn, right?) It's a psychological thriller and it's not bad. It's got Keira Knightly and her lackluster boobs in it as well. Lol.


How did you manage to see Knightly's boobs through the glare of her teeth, lol?

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