FearNet on Sony Blu Ray

FearNet on Sony Blu Ray

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I purchased a Sony Blu Ray player that has FearNet as one of the featured App's. But when I open the App on the Blu Ray player the only options are some Fear Clinic Episodes and a few other clips. My question is where are the movies, on demand or otherwise? I registered the player with Sony and also set up accounts with Netflix, Amazon and Crackle. Movies are available with other services. The App site on the player looks nothing like the one on my PC. I can view anything on the FearNet site on my PC. I have searched the web for days and contacted both Sony and FearNet for help by Email. So far no response. If anyone has any suggestions I will be very thankful.......

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No suggestions but one more voice to join yours.  Hardly any of fearnet is available on my sony blu-ray and they seem to cobble Youtube so you can't find half the videos that are available on your computer. 

 Crackle at least has a selection.

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I have also heard nothing from fear.net-shitty if ya ask me!!!!!!

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Why of why won't Fear.net work on my Sony Blu-ray player? After all, a link is there, but nothing is available but garbage video...

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fearnet.jpgyaystaticdevil-sign.gifjust wanted to show some love 2 the best there is FEARNETchair2.gif

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ditto. i own a BDP-S270.


i wouldnt have thought much of it other than the fact that the description for it says 'FREE SUSPENSE AND HORROR MOVIES'. yet theres no such thing. i did enjoy watching Fear Clinic once again. but id prefer to have the horror flicks that interchange weekly show up instead.



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i wish i didnt have to pay the fookin mortgage each month , and i could afford a shit hot van the looks the dogs nut sack, ! and be able to go on holiday atleast once a year ,have me whole house refurbed, oh Cooland that the sun always shines !!!LOL

but at the end of the day i really dont give a fook!!!i 'd rather do this all day !

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