THE WHISTLER (2010) out now on DVD

THE WHISTLER (2010) out now on DVD

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Check this out guys. new horror movie. if you like hatchet and stuff like that I guarantee you'll like this. Shock Horror Magazine said it was 'one of the best indie films of 2010' and Dean Boor or Gorezone Magazine called it 'An instant cult classic' and said 'this is how indie films are done'.

You can get the DVD there. features over 2 hour of Bonus stuff including commentary, making of, featurettes, music video etc.

you can check out a review here:

join the facebook page here:

so far the reviews have been good and I liked it a lot. great soundtrack too!

its got it all, gore, tits, good story and some nice creepy scenes.


Also being released on amazon soon.


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 I hope it's as good as they say.

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Probably not the same film as its only just been released and not torrented or streamed anywhere yet, where did you download it from? :-)

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