My poem- Waiting

My poem- Waiting

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by: Jayleene Noyes

I sit on the step,
looking out at what i see.
A field of grass waving back at me.
Bees are buzzing,
the wind whispers softly in my ear,
it brushes back my hair as if, seducing me.

The warm sun feels like a lovers embrace.
I sit and wonder,
sit and look,
is anyone out there wondering like me?
Waiting for something to awake them,
waiting for an out reached hand,
waiting for someone to show a hidden puzzle piece.

I sit and wait,
the wind embracing me like hands running up my thigh,
like a kiss upon my neck.
Like pressure from a lovers weight.

The sun feels warm like a lovers exhale upon my chest
I sit and wonder,
does he think about me.
I'm waiting for him to show me a finished picture,
to show me a masterpiece.
To show me a gleaming diamond reflecting sun rays.

Im waiting to find a hidden path,
waiting to find him waiting there for me.
Take my hand and follow me.
We'll walk together through fields of grass waving back at us.

Bees are buzzing as i sit upon this step,
wondering who is thinking about me.

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i love this poem. it's amazing and heart felt. you are a great poet. i found myself stunned as you captured the beauty of life waiting for that special someone to come and sit with you. truly amazing.

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